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A couple friends and I created an app for our senior class. We learned a little bit about scalability in the process.

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      So this is a programming class aimed specifically at seniors? That sounds like a lot of fun. If it’s not an impertinent question, what sort of work/lives/hobbies did you and your classmates have before you retired / what prompted you all to get into programming?

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        Ahhhhh no “class” meaning year. We are recent college graduates!

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          Haha-ouch, shame on me for not realising that… Congratulations on graduating!

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            Thanks! We had a good laugh at your comment. I don’t think the post mentions school until the very end, so it’s pretty reasonable!

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      I am astonished when people don’t load-test their apps before releasing them.

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        It’s not so unreasonable; we had to focus on graduating, too.