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    Just reading this description makes me feel sick and anxious. Terrifying that such a small object can have such a fast & terrible effect.

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      Yeah, the fact that a 6 year old girl was killed was heartbreaking. :(

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        Yeah, I’ve been trying to find some facts about whether the robbers are actually going to “die soon”, which is what the Mexican authorities are claiming. Not sure if it’s bluster, to prevent future incidents, or the government really thinks the robbers spent enough time with the Cobalt to die.

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          I found this interesting tidbit, though:

          On average, a half dozen thefts of radioactive materials are reported in Mexico each year and none have proven to be aimed at the cargo itself, he said.


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          I’ve always wanted to have a device named after me, like the “Brannock Device”. I guess I would settle for an “incident” or an “accident”, but not so cool.