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    While it’s amazingly fast, the inability to run nearly all existing plugins makes it unworkable for me.

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      Out of curiosity what plugins do you use that are not compatible with Web Extensions?

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        For me, it’s gotta be fxgestures. Every gesture extension that I’ve tried on chrome doesn’t run on new tab/error pages nor do they run properly when viewing PDFs using the built in reader. Also IIRC sites like Twitter mess with the extensions styling somehow.

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          For me, the major plugins I’ll lose is self-destructing cookies (SDC), firegestures, tree-style tabs, and vimfx. I know that the VimFX author has referred folks to vimium, and there look to be webex alternatives to SDC. However, the webex APIs available at this time don’t appear to allow for modifying the browser in order for tree-style tabs or firegestures to be possible.

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            Tree style tabs have similar extensions available now https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tree-tabs/ , and it itself will be able to move to them at some point https://github.com/piroor/treestyletab/issues/1224