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I found this tangentially relevant to our field given the whole discourse of passion in tech and so on.


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    Ugh. What is wrong with people? I’m in demand enough that I turn away work, sure- but that’s because I don’t want to be working every goddamn day. I’m probably going to take a month or two off later this year. Sure, I’ll be working on some passion projects, but that’s not work. That’s unwinding and fun. Plus, more time for music and improv comedy.

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      It’s nice to feel valued. Honestly that seems like a good and natural part of the human condition. See also recent conversations about the “attention economy”.

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        To me, though, I feel valued when I can set terms. I’m so valuable that I can pick and choose what work I’m going to do.

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          I’m the same way: autonomy/boundaries come first, then the human feels.

          I don’t trust institutions to watch out for my interests any other way (personality quirk/flaw).

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            It’s the three factors of human motivation: autonomy, purpose and mastery. People putting demands on your time can fulfill the latter of those, but you still need the former.

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          That’d explain why remote work adoption is so low even in the face of studies that can improve productivity for some.

          Feeling valued is a human need, but putting all of that value in your place of work is lazy, short-sighted, and fragile. What if your friend leaves? You get transferred? Your company tanks? Nobody does this consciously, but our need for community is far, far larger than what work can ever provide us.

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          Don’t know if it is part of a trend, but there’s definitely a tendency for some people to talk more about work than the things outside of work. Without data I’m not going to say there’s a war on ‘culture,’ but is clear that work has picked up some unnecessary importance in the collective sphere.

          I’m with you though: have a bleeping life outside of work. I don’t care what you do, just do something besides consume things.

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            Isn’t it good that people actually enjoy what they do and no longer run away from it?

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              Certainly. I’m in the boat sometimes.

              But I don’t count on it being true all the time, because, like everything else, there are ups and downs.

              Speaking only for myself here, but I notice when I fixate on work too much it sucks the life out of me and I’m not as good of a husband. Usually this is because work is easier and my innate tendency is to hunker down as a defense mechanism. My life outside of work grounds me.

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          Suggest cogsci tag, because the article actually mentions the results of testing that show how people view folks associated with being busier.