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    I hadn’t heard the term Hypermedia before – but after a little reading, it seems that this is a very big deal.

    APIs that describe themselves are the first step on the road to programs that can rewrite themselves as new capabilities come online. If your client knows where to start, it can ‘walk’ through the galaxy of available APIs, grabbing whatever functionality it needs on the way.

    Instead of a user browsing a flight search site, their computer should be able to list flight entities from disparate sources without the developer ever specifying which. If you decide you want to book a car at the airport, just let your machine find out how.

    Google want to index the world’s information. That’s the old fashioned approach. In the next phase of the future, data will index itself.

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      Now you’re thinking like Ted Nelson!

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        Yep! That’s a little more semantic-web than a simple definition of ‘hypermedia API,’ but it’s certainly within the same kind of realm.

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        Never heard of it but it seems like a next big thing.

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          It’s about freaking time!