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    Bandwidth is getting cheaper all the time, whereas bugs are eternal.

    What? No. Opposite of that.

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      Huh? You think bandwidth is getting more expensive?

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        Yes, either more expensive (like when your 2-year Comcast initial price suddenly increases by like $40/month) or basically same level of expensive as it was 20 years ago.

        But my main issue is anyone in software claiming relying on the network to be fast or reliable which has never been and currently is not the case, and I’m infuriated daily by software that makes such assumptions.

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          I share your frustration with software that assumes an always-available network.

          But it’s absolutely not the case that bandwidth costs the same or more than it did 20 years ago: 20 years ago was 1997; cable modems were just getting started and the majority of people were still on dial-up!