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    It’s sad that developers (are made to) spend time blocking Bibliogram and others.

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      And sad that so many people spend time and effort trying to get around this blocking.

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      Huh, i was about to package it. Now i won’t unless there is a fork.

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        I’ll miss this, I forwarded all standard links to instagram posts to bibliogram in firefox, it was way better for just quickly looking at an image.

        I can’t explain the irregular RSS usage but I wouldn’t write them off as ‘forgotten’. If I add a feed to my reader and it goes down, it’s not immediately obvious to me. It could sit there for months quietly failing and all I’d think is that the person hadn’t posted in a while.

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          what addons did you use for that? would love to forward twitter links to nitter.

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            Privacy Redirect is a good one.

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              I use Redirector, also use it for redirecting to old reddit, and going from mobile wikipedia to normal wikipedia.

              It’s flexible perhaps at the expense of simplicity, but it’s not that hard to set up.