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    I appreciate people getting into functional languages like Haskell. And I’m not trying to be rude, but pretty much everyone ends up writing a post like this and it’s the same information repeated over and over. Types, syntax, mathy or something. I wish more people would just wait until they’ve done something more substantial before writing about a language.

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      I like it, I think everyone posting about how great it is and how happy they are is good for the language. Not particularly interesting when you’re already in, but people see these things over time and become more and more interested.

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        If you want a more mature perspective:


        Notably, that post covers why we don’t use dependently typed languages for day to day work yet. It provides a decision function that stops specifically at Haskell (for now).

        Also, me showing off parametricity and type-based reasoning a bit (I posted this earlier):


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          Hah no no, I am not lamenting the lack of mature opinions out there, I’m lamenting the glutton of immature opinions. I’m expressing my opinion that I think blog posts should try to contribute something new, but IMO, many of these posts are the same thing over and over again.

          People are free to do what they want, of course, and I’m not downvoting a post like this in any way. The community should just push for more.

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              I’m not sure what statement you’re responding to? The internet is full of videos and blog posts detailing first impressions of haskell.

              About 2 minutes spent googling:

              Like I said, people are free to spend their time how they want. My opinion is just that these kind of posts represent too superficial of an experience to draw much conclusion from.

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                  I don’t know what this means. Are you saying Haskell is a practical language and people are switching to it out of anger? That doesn’t make much sense…

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                    used in anger is an idiom. It means “used for its intended purpose,” or “used for real rather than in tests”.

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            you say scala is not good enough. Does Objective Caml is good enough ?

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            I think its fine, to be honest if they’re excited about it why should they stop? As someone also getting into haskell I tend to learn more from the learners because we’re a bit more equal in skill level. I see this as a post that lists the start of a journey, not all need to be documented but its that persons choice.

            I’d start with a blog post more like you wanted after I get past NICTA and actually start applying what I’m learning. But that doesn’t mean others can’t do otherwise.