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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      It’s my first weekend “free” from a job, and I’ve saved enough money to start my own company.

      Therefore, I’ll be working on my own product, a CLI-based CI service that allows folks to run builds locally and control their cloud workflows directly from the CI.

      I’ll be writing it in Rust, which will be pretty fun.

      My parents are also in town, so I’ll spend some time with them.

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        Best of luck to you!

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        Good luck! Do you have a site up yet?

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        That sounds like a lot of fun! Are you going to use NixOS or Docker with it for build isolation/reproducibility? I’d be interested in hearing how this goes, good luck from me too :)

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      Updating my resume and catching up with a bunch of old friends.

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      I’ll be updating my resume and porting an x86-specific SIMD library to ARM NEON.

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      Hopefully finally dusting off my old blog. Just in case Meta and Twitter go bust, and we return to our old innocent ways of blogs and RSS, I’ll be ready.

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      Continue working on TUI app for CLI text processing exercises. Will probably put up a mvp on github tomorrow.

      Currently reading Miss Percy’s Travel Guide to Welsh Moors and Feral Dragons.

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      Enjoying a long weekend, possibly planning Christmas travels, and maybe gathering the spoons together to work on Garnet.

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      Adding a sanity check to _mallock_lock() to catch any remaining issues with disabled interrupts where they’re not allowed to be.

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      • Writing doc on type variance in Ecstasy’s type system (the what’s and the why’s)
      • Working on a certificate and key handling library
      • Playing some Factorio with the kids
      • Snow skiing
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      https://bsides.berlin/ - I’m giving a talk.

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      We’re driving home to the north east of England, ahead of an incoming storm facing the south west, after spending Thanksgiving with American friends. We’re new to owning an EV and don’t want to make charging stops in a lightning storm.

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      I bought all of the Assassin’s creed games (I think, I might have missed one or two) in the sales, after really enjoying Origins and Odyssey on Game Pass. I’m still getting over a nasty cold, so haven’t had enough working brain to enjoy them yet, but hopefully tomorrow…

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        I’m jealous you’re able to experience Black Flag for the first time…

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      Well, this weekend is hunting season in PA, so there’s that. Other than that, I’m working on implementing a CLI game runner that runs games as WASM blobs, with multiplayer support. Just to try something new and see what I can do with WASM.