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    “He predicts that one day we will have computerized eyeglasses in which information will be superimposed onto the lenses themselves. “A lot of information can be in the field of view without disturbing too much. It just came to me,” he says. Also, computers will be able to start “reading our nerve impulses. They’ll read the flow of electricity in the nervous system and do something about it.” He discusses how Internet security is going to be messy because “people in the government are so illiterate. The FBI wants more authority and technology to spy on us.” He explains how mathematics has reached a point where anyone can make a message that is unbreakable. And he says that it is possible to hide messages in pixels in Photoshop or to hide digital documents as noise in audio transmissions. He also thinks that at some point this year, we’ll all be able to “efficiently buy things safely” on the Web, which will have “more refined content and presentation.”

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      The thing I find most dated is describing Burning Man as 1) having 3000 people and 2) not describing it as socially bad in some way.