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      Sounds like a sensible proposal.

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        Agreed. Some of the comments on that thread too. oof.

        Similarly, I secretly hope FreeBSD eventually removes all the various firewalls it currently supports (why so many?!) except ipfw, and backports ipfw3 features from DrafonflyBSD.

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          Sadly some NetBSD users have a negative view regarding the removal of cruft - see this thread from tech-kern earlier in March. It really does degenerate towards the end…

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      Which pf does z OpenBSD use? Obviously it’s their own in-tree, but is that the one NBSD is removing?

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        it’s the “same” pf, but the one in NetBSD originates in a very old version of OpenBSD.

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      What is PF?

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        Package Filter (Firewall)


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          Thank you!