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Hello lobsters!,

It’s time to show a little javascript framework (I know, yet another!) that I have been working on. Except, this one isn’t meant to create apps. It does books instead.

Bookiza is a book reification framework with which you can bake books, comics or magazines and publish ‘em online. In less than half the time we otherwise used to.

I hope you’ll like it. Good or bad, all thoughts are very welcome.



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    One of the coolest things about the book is that you can drag the pages and they fold over reasonably. You’re awesome. :)

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      I know right? Works pretty well on mobile too, though there’s a little hitch when the page is flipped due to it loading the next page. Would be amazing if this ends up as smooth on mobile as the page turning animations in Google’s Play Books.

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        I would imagine this depends on the browser used and the phone’s hardware? IIRC, Google Play books are native, so the animations will be smoother there than in the browser. However, I haven’t been keeping up on the state of mobile web animation, it may be much better now.

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      Oh man, this is so awesome! Thank you for sharing, perhaps it will turn out to be one of those “didn’t know I needed it” type of things.

      A few quick remarks/comments:

      • At least on Firefox on OS X, the solar system demo takes a while to load (on a fast modern MBP).
      • There doesn’t seem to be a way (at least in a desktop browser) to highlight text?
      • Lack of text highlighting implies lack of integration with native features like dictionary lookup on iPad, is that true? (Will it be fixed?)
      • This link from GH is broken
      • Is there no way to generate standard .pdf, .epub etc. versions?
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        Very nice, looking forward to using it in the future :)