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    I feel like this has a way too high snark to content ratio. A whole lot of space is dedicated to the fact that the author doesn’t like the menu icon, but no reason is given for why it’s bad (is it just because it’s not a hamburger menu? “It kinda sorta resembles an upside down burger king crown” isn’t really solid criticism). And I don’t feel like I have enough context for why it’s a bad thing that the floating menu covers the “upside down burger king crown icon”, do you need access to that button when the menu is on screen? Is the criticism that it looks weird? Would good UI design conventions dictate that the button remains in full view? And what’s this “TransientHoveringTableOfContentsView”, is there something janky about how and when it appears? The page doesn’t give enough context to justify why “it appears when you start to drag” is a bad thing.

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      I dunno, I think making up a weirdly and pointless different version of a hamburger menu is pretty indicative of the absolute and total collapse of design standards at Apple. It is very actively bad now. I am contemplating moving to Android/Linux because there at least the badness does not come with a false sense that it is good actually.

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        Agreed. Some of the things (like the forward and backward buttons) were obviously wrong, but some had so little context that I couldn’t really see what the author didn’t like. I’d love to see a version of this with twice as many words, including context and explanation.