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    I installed openbsd over the top of freebsd on a digital ocean instance, it has been working fine for months.

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      “Over the top” meaning what exactly?

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        Sorry, my phrasing was bad, I overwrote the freebsd install with openbsd, no trace of freebsd remains other than the icon digital ocean does not let me change in the dashboard.

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          Wasn’t “over the top” a goofy 80’s arm wresting movie? Well played.

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        Skipping signify verification I see. What’s the point in that?

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          Follow the recommended security practices. This guide is only useful to show the details of performing the installation on that particular machine without attempting to replicate information found in the OpenBSD manpages or FAQ.

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          I usedqemu, from the freebsd netboot to install openbsd on my XC box, and it worked great. This method looks even simpler though! I’ll try it on my next box ;)