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    I used to go all-in with webfonts for all of my projects, but for my current web design project I’m planning to abandon them entirely. Performance matters more than me showing off.

    Edit: The post title is a reference to a line by Governor Ritchie on The West Wing, right? Or am I crazy?

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      Ritchie was my first thought, but it’s conceivably just idiomatic speech in the sort of place from which Ritchie was supposed to hail?

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        Yeah, I suppose that’s my question. Doing some basic looking around, I don’t see any evidence for it being a known phrase that Ritchie would be repeating, so I’m going to assume that is legitimately a West Wing reference. I, of course, wholeheartedly approve of such a thing.

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        The post title is a reference to a line by Governor Ritchie on The West Wing, right? Or am I crazy?

        Oh good, I’m not the only one

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          That is where I went immediately too.

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        Good post. When styling up my own blog, I chose not to initially use a web font because FOUC is more irritating to me personally than not being able to have a specific font. As I start writing longer posts, though, I have to wonder if it’s worth the slight unseemliness of a FOUC to have the advantages of having a better font for extended (5+ minute) reading sessions.

        What are my fellow lobsters thoughts on this?

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          I think usesr should be able to set up their own fonts… If you just specify ‘sans-serif’ as a font, the system standard will be used. That should be readable.

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            I can’t recall a time when I finished reading a blog post of any length and wished it used a web font. Most platforms have sensible defaults that are quite readable.

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              What I did on my own redesign was to research what are common fonts for most popular platforms (Linux, Mac, Windows, mobile) and pick combinations that would look OK on them. Obviously they don’t look the same and it helps that typeface itself is not part of branding, but you avoid all sorts of crap and vast majority of people don’t care.