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    The Epyc CPU has a fantastic 128 PCI lanes. So you can load up with tons of peripherals and GPUs and network cards and whatnot, and still have a few dozen left over.

    All Epycs having all the lanes and RAM capacity really speaks to the mad scientist in me. No need now for multi-socket mobos populated with high-end CPUs (that might be overkill, compute-wise) in order to scale PCIe and RAM. A 1S box with an 8/16C 7xx2P can still host substantially more I/O than one can easily figure out what to do with. Perfect for mad science.

    (Also probably shows a bias picked up at work: I’ve been slowed down much more often by slow data access over the years than lack of cores. Gimmie all the I/O!)

    I wasn’t aware there were 1U AM4 servers for sale–neat. When the 3950X came out, it almost seemed like a better fit for low-cost servers than for desktops. Lack of memory channels is a limiter, but given the right application and enough cost savings on the chip + mobo, it could pencil out. Would be curious to see a go at putting Ryzen in the different form factors (blades, etc.) that Xeon E has been stuffed into, but not holding my breath for that.

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      I mean, even a desktop Threadripper has 64 lanes and more RAM capacity than you can afford to fill, and you can pick those up for ~$600 new.

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        Yeah, I see how it reads like I’m saying the I/O-heavy box was just invented and/or 7xx2P is the cheapest option, but I realize neither’s so. The price-for-what-you’re-getting on previous-gen parts is definitely solid.

        I do think the cheaper 1P options and the flexibility in CPU:other-stuff ratio are a couple of neat aspects of the Epycs that may get less attention than compute speed, etc.

        (I will, alas, not actually be building a homelab. I rarely stress the desktop as-is and if I need to play I can always rent a cloud box for an hour or four.)

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          I’ve ended up running a homelab on my NAS, which doesn’t really have anything special hardware-wise. Jails are very low-overhead, though, so you can fit quite a bit into 8g ram.