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      “…those who would give up essential safety to purchase a little temporary performance deserve neither performance nor safety.” -Benjamin Franklin, I think?

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        I think you’ve got it backwards. The Ben Franklin quote is: Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

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          On purpose!

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        You inverted the intent of the original line.

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      This seems more about enabling untrusted code to run than improving performance.

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      This blog post suggests the equivalent of removing seatbelts in a car in order to “make it faster”

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        Technically, that saves a small bit of weight, thus the car will be faster… /s

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      I would advise anyone to NOT to do what the author suggests. At least do some research before running the commands rather than trusting a random blog.

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      From the addendum:

      I guess they just didn’t appreciate the humour

      There is nothing funny in having people run commands that make their computers less secure and most definitely not faster.

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      Cool thing about disabling SIP is that it’s a lot like refusing vaccination. As long as over 95% of mac users have SIP enabled there’s a sort of here immunity and the odds of you suffering any sort of rootkit are quite small simply because hackers wouldn’t bother. But if it would drop below some point then it would become worth their time and you’d see more infections of the operating system.

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      Based on the addendum right at the bottom it seems that this is meant to be satire