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    Holy crap, this finally happened to me. Here and on the orange site I see a lot of people saying they just had a very similar idea and something it feels sketchy, but I truly just published a VSCode extension a couple of hours ago with the same name Runst, it is supposed to make running tests in rust a little simpler and it’s still very very beta but here you go:


    Basically you press Cmd+Shift+A to run the test under cursor and then Cmd+Ctrl+A to run the last test again.

    What a coincidence on the naming! :-)

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      Oh wow!

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      Thought it was gonna be in Haskell but it’s just r for rust. I guess the tags should have given it away.

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        dunst + rust = runst

        and here I’d thought it was about running something. :-)

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          See the comment I just posted, I had a very similar naming idea for a VSCode test runner for rust. Runs Test and Rust -> Runst too :-)