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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!


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    Isolating myself, possibly permanently.

    After months of trying to reach out to people for help, to no avail, I figure I try the opposite solution: make as little contact with other people as possible, and withdraw.

    So long.

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      I logged back in after being consciously logged out, solely to reply to you.

      Get back on IRC. A bunch of us are in ##programming all day and I do miss your awesome ideas! To this day your string rewriting language is still in my head.

      Please please please dont isolate. I think you have cool things to tell :) Sincerely, lf94

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      FOSDEM! I understand some other people will be here. If you are, be sure to let me know here or drop by #lobsters on libera.

      It’d be good to meet some of you and maybe share a drink.

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        I’ll be there too. 11th time in person for me, and I am super glad it’s back.

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          Heading to fosdem too! It became a yearly meetup (minus covid times) for some gaming/dev community friends, looking forward to it!

          It would be neat if there was a semi-official/organised Lobsters meetup spot. I’ll probably be spending most of my time in the Golang rooms but as always, I don’t have much of a plan!

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          Garnet’s type checker seems to be mostly working as far as I can tell, but half of my test programs fail because it’s now generating uncompile-able code, or doesn’t even know how to try to generate compile-able code. Really I think I need to rewrite major parts of the backend.

          So it’s time to take a break and play with my toy OS dev project instead! A few weeks of fighting interrupt handlers will make me appreciate large fiddly data structure transforms a lot more.

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            Flying to Gibraltar for a long weekend visiting a friend who is out there with work for a bit. Never been before, looking forward to it. Hopefully won’t see any Land Rovers barrelling down the rock uncontrollably.

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              We had our honeymoon there (great, except for deciding to talk up and take the cable car down, then discovering when we got to the top that the power was out and they couldn’t serve food or run the cable car). There’s an amazing Indian / Japanese restaurant in the city center called Curry and Sushi. We tried it because we couldn’t believe it’s a real thing, but they had some unique takes on a bunch of dishes and the food was so good we went back again. I wouldn’t believe their claims of authenticity but claims of tastiness are definitely true.

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                Ooh thanks. We have a night without plans so will try and incorporate that.

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              In line with the “keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!” I am doing nothing at all. I can smell the burnout this time and I think I’m going to use this weekend to play old games and watch really bad action movies. And possibly try out a Chinese restaurant I’ve been eyeing for a while. Their menu appears to be translated via Google Translate so I have a feeling Monday will find me happy but much fatter. I will have learned nothing from this.

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                Sounds amazing, hope it’s as tasty as it sounds!

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                Clearing branches and debris from my yard after this week’s ice storm here in Austin.

                Driving down to San Antonio to drop off some stuff from my old job with a former coworker.

                Playing another round of Mice and Mystics with the kids.

                And, if there’s time, working on my for-fun project of a little framework for BBS door game-style adventure games.

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                  Still on the path of self re-discovery and shaking off the stress of 2022. Practicing the piano, figure skates, cooking, and going to a Haydn/Stravinsky concert. May do some cleaning and studying on Sunday, but I’m taking this weekend off mentally.

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                    Starting to learn Nix and documenting my progress. Now that I’ve had some time to decompress after finishing my PhD I’m slowly getting back into hobbies.

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                      Congrats! I would like to learn nix too I think.

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                      I run a Mastodon instance, affiliated with a community weblog. I might work on documenting some of the rough edges - a bookmarklet for viewing this post on your home instance, how to turn off audio notifications - and other useful onboarding things.

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                        This should be a good weekend.

                        Non-computing plans are cooking & meal prep for the next week, archery practice with my son, drinking a lot of tea (I received an assortment of loose leaf teas from India), and catching up on some of my reading backlog.

                        For computer stuff, I’ll be helping one of my sons improve the external tooling for working with forth blocks and continuing to work on porting my forth to the Teensy 4.1 and RP2040.

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                          I want to look a bit more deeply into CoreOS. Since I have last used Fedora Silverblue, they have added Docker/OCI as a transport method for OSTree, which seems quite interesting.

                          Besides that family visits and maybe try to make some progress on buying a kitchen (most kitchen companies here are quite scummy).

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                            Saturday I’m going down to Colorado Springs to visit my family and buy a small motorcycle. I’ve been doing a half-assed job looking for a Honda Monkey for almost a year now, but thanks to a mixup at the shop by my mom’s house, she was able to put a deposit down on one this week, and tomorrow I go down and buy it.

                            I’d be more excited if this hadn’t been such a harsh winter. Realistically I can’t ride much until April or May, but it’s nice to get it.

                            Other than that a long run this afternoon, attending a concert by a coworker’s band tonight, and a bike ride on Sunday.

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                              Finishing an update to my KIM-1 emulator (runs on a C64). Adding a real serial port, plus instruction fusion to the virtualizer.

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                                Continued experiments on a solver-driven puzzle game. Tending more towards dedicated constraint solving languages since I’m exhausting large but finite spaces, Sugar and miniZinc are on my queue, recommendations welcome! Z3 seems to be both overkill and unsuited for this kind of problem, so I think I’m giving up on it for now. I know some Alloy but I don’t think it’s quite the right fit, though I mean to read up on Kodkod.

                                In impatience, I finally got a first nontrivial example working in plain CNF via miniSat, building a 5x5 map with a given shortest path length, solves in under a second with my naive encoding. Much slower than a dedicated algorithm, but should have lots of room for improvement, and I’m excited to be able to drop definitions like this alongside any other constraint in one big SAT instance.

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                                  I’m quickly learning how complex unicode text editing can become. So hopefully I’ll be able to set aside a larger block of time to overcome the initial barriers and change my paradigm from how I’ve always done things with ASCII. Fun to learn new things!

                                  And I’ll also go check out a nearby avalanche that is on a popular trail lower in the mountains (from a safe distance!)

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                                    Trying to move my horribly complex set of hacks for Selenium to be able to install and test a Firefox extension to something simpler. Unfortunately it looks like Java support is now second to Python support, so I might have to also translate my tests to Python.

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                                      I am going to FOSdem 2023 virtually on my 65-in TV!