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    These reasons are basically the same reasons I like OpenBSD as a user. It’s consistent and the documentation is good. A lot of care has been put into making its use clear and easy, in a way that requires as little black magic or internet wandering as possible.

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      I’ve recently discovered the beauty of the *BSDs. I was a Debian user and OSX. Sold my MBP for a ThinkPad, now I hate Windows 10 and want to go full-nix again.

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        No operating system is perfect, but I think this article hits the nail on the head - OpenBSD may not necessarily have all the shinies that Linux has, but what it does, it does well. I’ve been using it since 2.1 (almost 20 years!) and the consistency of approach and strict peer review of changes before they go into the source tree are what’ve kept me as a user.

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          I want to start using OpenBSD, but I’m too loyal to Arch.