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    Hello! Welcome to the world of Nekoyume. Please set your own private key and input that in the form below so that you can start game right know. Private key is a password that identify you. Please make this unique.


    There’s no description or anything.

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      Kind of weird to link directly to the demo…

      https://nekoyu.me/ the index has descriptions.

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      This is actually a fairly compelling idea. More compelling than most applications of block chain, in my opinion. It’s true value would require all code to be open-sourced, though. Is that the plan?

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        Yes, all code will be opened within a week.

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        Forgive my ignorance but this whole idea smell fishy. Hi here’s this web form. Paste your private key here!

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          ah “private key” in this case is just a password.

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            Hello, I’m the author of this link.

            @markerz was right. our introduction page is here: https://nekoyu.me/

            This link is a preview node of Nekoyume. You can play this game directly just put some random private key.

            Please don’t use a sensitive key you love. Sorry for the inconvenience.