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    Collapse hypothesizing induces much anxiety to me. Not only do I depend on chronic disease medication produced by numbered high tech factories around the globe, but I also find it difficult to be motivated and functional in my privileged state in this society. What hope is there in such a scenario?

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      Depends on your attachment to life. If you want to live as long as possible at all costs, well, this scenario is negative. If you measure life by other means, there’s lot of hope to be found in such a scenario. While the lack of material goods will for sure produce endless suffering, the survivors will end up with freedoms that don’t exist now, especially the freedom to build a world with a future, a luxury that now we don’t have. And I’m saying this as a person with mild but chronic conditions that would make me very unfit to a scenario with an unreliable supply chain.

      In general I don’t think you should reason about possible scenarios according to how they make you feel. Or better, you shouldn’t run away from negative emotions. Learning to deal with these emotions and imagining alternative worlds might bring you unexpected emotional well being and achieve a more healthy relationship with the certainty of your death.