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    Who is mentoring ask meta

Maybe some of us would like to mentor other members of the community. Some say it’s a good idea to get to know each other. Write down if you’re down for mentoring other people. My proposed format is:

  • Domain: bikeshedding, yak shaving
  • Location: remote
  • How to get in touch: jsmith@example.com
  • Notes: Paid in snacks

Helpful template below:

* *Domain*: bikeshedding, yak shaving
* *Location*: remote
* *How to get in touch*: jsmith@example.com
- *Notes*: Paid in snacks

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    • Notes: free one hour sessions for early stage projects!
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      This comes off more like self promotion than an offer to provide mentorship.

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        To me it seems like both, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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          I did a quick rain-check on the IRC channel if such a post is okay with us - all I got was one thumb up. But myself I wasn’t sure if this would fly. My only line of defense is that I guess we could both agree that there exist more powerful and direct ways of self-promotion.

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        • Domain: Computer Science (anything up to and including Bachelor level), anything about software engineering (employability/code review etc), general life.
        • Location: remote/Munich
        • How to get in touch: (my email is here)[https://todddavies.co.uk/contact]
        • Notes: I think informal mentoring is rewarding for both parties. I’m a little time constrained but am sure we can work around it.
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          Apologies for the badly formatted link; the past is old enough that I can’t edit it any more.