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    “I’m sorry, we don’t have purple. We have white, gray, brown, red, orange, pink, and black. What color would you like?”

    Make the list clickable. Make the answers tab-expandable.

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      In conversational UI, isn’t that not really an option? You’re likely using it from skype or your phone or hangouts?

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        We should consider the user experience and create something useful and enjoyable. If those technologies are to become the conduit for truly intelligent conversations, they will need to support more conversational semantics.

        As it stands, using these technologies for anything but the simplest exchanges would be infuriating for me.

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          Isn’t the point to make it like talking to someone? Free form and all that? If there is going to be tab complete and clickable lists, then how is that not just a regular GUI rather than “conversational UI”?

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            I can’t speak for the author. However a conversation with a computer can be a hybrid semi-structured free-form.

            Consider the color list again. If i name five colors while raising five fingers, you can repeat a name or point to the corresponding finger I raised.

            Why draw a false dichotomy of strictly either GUI or pure typing/voice? A computer can provide the best of both for the benefit of the user’s experience.

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              I would suggest maybe you could have both. In a similar way to how mailto:whatever works we could feasibly develop a response:something tag which the chat agent recognises and uses as a quick way to respond. Perhaps even showing a list of the found response tags as suggestions above the keyboard similar to suggested spelling/words when typing

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        I’ve done a little work with semantic role labeling to try to achieve some of this. But I don’t really know what tools I would use if I wanted to create a really robust chatbot. Anything better than NLTK ?

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          Be ye disabling of yond shield.