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Best April Fools effort I’ve seen so far. Thanks

    1. 6

      Agreed! Loading the site resulted in about 10 second of actual confusion. Hilarious!

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      Let’s cover the frontpage in posts about Erlang

      1. 4

        And the latest news about who acquired who and what round of funding everybody’s in!

        1. 3

          Also, let’s arbitrarily rename everyone’s submissions without cause or reason!

          1. 3

            Away with that pesky moderation log!

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      For historical context, here is what Lobsters looks like today, on April 1, 2013: home page, story discussion page. Compare to the normal home page, as seen on April 2 (which arrived right after this comment was first posted).

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      I was pretty worried when I first loaded the page. Looks like jcs has made a big money exit though. Just saying.

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      Even freakier, I open lobsters on my phone and saw a responsive HN. I think my head just exploded. Well played.

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      Also, this would have been hilarious with a Tell HN: … tag :P

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      Clacker News

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      Haha, good one!