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    There’s a 404.

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      In case others also are getting 404s, here’s a quote:

      Subject: Re: Mac OS X ( 2 of 48 ) Posted by Douglas Adams

      I was going to wait till the summer to install it, but I succumbed and installed it last week. It takes a little getting used to, old habits are hard to reform, and it’s not quite finished (what software ever is), and much of the software that’s out to run on it is Beta.


      I think it’s brilliant. I’ve fallen completely in love with it. And the promise of what’s to come once people start developing in Cocoa is awesome…

      Seems like it was posted on 26.Apr.2001 01:11:17.

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        To give some context, based on the messages later on in that thread, this was the last post he made to the mailing list (and possibly the internet overall?) before his death.

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          Wow. I had not known that.

          Remarkable man. His books figured prominently in my childhood. It’s always nice to remember him.