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What is everyone working on this week?

Personally, I am going to be learning Gulp and also try to set up a personal project template to easily get a website template up and running.


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    Enjoying last visits with friends in town for the holidays. Writing and polishing four talk proposals to submit to RailsConf and other Ruby/Rails conferences. Writing some more on the Ruby book.

    1. 4

      Reading more on invokedynamic and GRAAL in the JVM.

      1. 3

        This week, for Firestr I will try to add api support for capturing the screen in the same manner as the mic api. So that people can write p2p screen sharing apps.

        I am also learning some Perl 6 and am writing a Kafka wrapper based on librdkafka. It will use Perl 6’s native support for reactive programming so that you can “tap” a kafka topic. I will release it as an LGPL library once I get something working.

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          Preparing a *BSD talk for ScotLUG in January, playing with my Pimoroni Flotilla, and enjoying another week away from work :~)