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    I’m 110% in favor of joke repositories full of e’s (reminds me of that meme from like 10 years ago with the endless stream of AAAAAAAAAA’s actually - anyone remember that?)

    I confess I’m not sure what to make of “Our industry teaches a lot of people that there is nothing they cannot learn, and we have a critical mass of arrogant people in tech and on GitHub. It’s incredibly toxic and I never want to maintain a real repository this large on GitHub, paid or not.”. It’s good to have an attitude that there is nothing you cannot learn. I’m fine with telling people that they have not actually learned the thing they claim to, but not with telling them that they shouldn’t even make the attempt.

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      My takeaway from that sentence wasn’t “don’t try to understand things” but rather “if you don’t understand something, don’t go into the comments and be an asshole”

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        aaaaaaaaah you mean this one?

        I love OP’s blog colour scheme and this story a lot <3 hopefully next time, some of the people acting like jerks will feel in on the joke and create more gems like the one mentioned at the end.

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