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I need your Feedback 🙏

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    A table of contents would be fantastic. There’s a lot of helpful examples in here but you have to run through the whole slide deck to get to them.

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      This time, a single page with a nav will do the job. Thank you very much for your suggestion, I appreciate!

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      General feedback from a long-time OpenBSD user. Very well done and one of the sources (besides the official FAQ) I recommend to new users!

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        Thank you very much for these kind words.

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        I sent this over the form, but figured I’d share here for other folk. I have been a daily driver and infrastructure OpenBSD user for like 5 years now and I think that this project has been one of the most helpful places to find real world examples: https://github.com/vedetta-com/vedetta/

        Maybe take some lessons from that project and see if you can make it so that it’s approachable for new users. Good luck!

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          Personally, I think having both would be handy. I am not sure what format things currently are in, or what the overhead of doing both would be - but something like org-mode would make it much easier to have a single doc that defines both the slides and a single-page .. thing.

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            Having both, will be hard to maintain, but I will give it a try. Thank you very much!

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              Don’t stretch yourself thin on my account :D