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    I, for one, don’t agree with the premise: human beings are bad at memorizing things. Not only are we great at memorizing things, but should a pattern evolve where we do something often, we can do it without effort – without thinking of it (seemingly).

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      Humans are terrible at remembering to follow a process correctly every time, even when they know it’s important. Eg hospitals periodically have someone observe staff for hand washing between patients and doctors regularly score poorly.

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        Which is why checklists are used to improve surgical safety.

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          Or takeoffs checklist

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          How do we not that’s forgetfulness not laziness?

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          Yeah, right until we go on holiday for a few weeks. Anyway, the evidence and practices in other industries obviously show that this isn’t true, as others have pointed out.

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            Most plane crashes seem to be a good counterexample to your argument.