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      This seems to be fairly new, which is somewhat surprising to me but I’m glad this exists as an alternative to the very confusingly named “golang-standards project-layout” which does a poor job of describing standards or providing a good project layout.

      I actually wonder if this page was been created in response to this issue which was filed multiple years ago, but was closed and locked last month.

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        This seems to be fairly new

        It looks like it’s about a week old, though in another sense it’s much older. This page only seems to have gone onto the official site a week ago, but (I think) it springs from a blog post from 2019.

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        I’m very glad that there’s a defined official document to point to now, that “standards” repo has been a source of much confusion and contention over the years, as well as many overly complex codebases! Great move, especially for newcomers.