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    Please, please tell me it’s made up…

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      Purportedly, The Daily WTF takes real stories and shuffles all the details around, leaving a true core of technical WTF in an otherwise fabricated story.

      Pretty much all of their stories cause the feeling of “this seems false, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t”, and this one is no exception.

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        Out of curiosity, I submitted a story a few years ago. You’re spot on: they rearranged the details of the story to fit some punchier narrative.

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          They lack verisimilitude.

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          I sometimes question these stories, and this is one of those times. It’s not that I couldn’t possibly believe it, but enough details are removed, and it’s told in such an exaggerated style (I’m quite sure the exact quotes aren’t)…

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            TDWTF stories are all adaptations of retellings; that on it’s own is going to introduce a variety of confusions.

            This specific story sounds completely plausible to me; I’ve seen far worse.

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            Yeah, this is incredible.