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    VC’s blind spot maybe, but nobody else in the FOSS world.

    A lot is funded to enable hardware vendors sell more hardware. That drives a lot of activity at the Linux Kernel / compiler levels.

    But the the rest is people scratching itches.

    If their itch stops itching, they stop scratching.

    But actually, that’s OK.

    If anyone else has get’s the itch, they can either start scratching or start throwing money at it.

    The sad thing is Infrastructure (roads / rails / public health / sewage / water /.. ) used to be seen as the domain of government and taxes.

    But the last lots of decades (since Thatcher I think), the world has run on the crazy mantra of Big Government is Bad, so we will make sure we have Bad Government…. and public infrastructure across the world has been decaying.

    ie. It’s a far bigger problem than just internet infrastructure being underfunded, all public infrastructure is underfunded.

    Fix that, and then we can get on to the next step… Software infrastructure is also public infrastructure.

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      Well put, and very true.