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chezmoi helps you manage your dotfiles across multiple machines, securely.

Version 1 was announced on lobste.rs here: https://lobste.rs/s/uet36y/chezmoi_manage_your_dotfiles_securely

Version 2 is a complete internal re-write that brings a whole load of new functionality and fixes a few corner-case bugs in v1.


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    I manage my dotfiles with git and home-manager so I have no real use case for this but for someone new to dotfiles this looks promising.

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      Could it still be useful for config files that can’t be read-only?

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        Yes, you can use link https://github.com/knl/dotskel/blob/main/home.nix#L17.

        That essentially creates a matroshka of symbolic links, where the last one points to the checked out file. This is because for nix, all files have to be in the nix store. However, home-manager uses a clever trick to store as the content the pointer to the file outside of the nix store.

        I’ve used chezmoi in the past, but switched to home-manager as it’s model is easier for me to understand.

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          Those are just in my git repository in my home directory.

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        This looks really good. I like my current setup with git and stow at present, but this appears to solve a couple of pain points. They’re not big pain points, and haven’t bothered me enough to do more than make notes about them. But now that I know there’s a thing that handles differences between machines a little more easily, and lets me keep the dots that matter even when I need to spend a couple weeks on Windows, I’m going to need to give it a try next time I feel the urge to tinker with my system.

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          git+stow was what I used before finding chezmoi. I highly recommend considering the migration. Because of differences between, say, work configurations and home, I had very complex stow mechanics where I had to layer in chunks of config, and as such had a series of scripts to run stow for me… chezmoi unified those and made them explicit in templates. Totally worth it.

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            Yes, I’m in this same camp where my approach is workable at the moment but chezmoi has potential to be a worthwhile improvement. Refactoring my dotfiles is a procrastination/recovery technique I use so next major life change it’ll probably happen.