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    I read the title and immediately assumed it was satire because of the buzzword salad.

    It’s not. :/

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      I wouldn’t be so sure:

      Why would I want to own my meme? What does that even mean?

      Your memes are a reflection of your wit and creative thinking. They are your innovation, which needs to be, well, kind of owned.

      Psstt.. And everybody loves memes and witty memers

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        I will be so bummed if this is not satire.

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        Seems very interesting. Going to give it a go later on.

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          trade your Memes, safe in the knowledge that blockchain and AI will track ownership securely

          Oh, wow, how are they using AI? That sounds advanced. Let’s check the FAQ:

          How does AI help me in this?

          It’s really important to make sure your memes are not plagiarized. We use AI to make sure that your memes are unique and prevent people from uploading a meme which is same as your’s or extremely similar.

          Ok, so how do you do it?

          We use a very specific ratio between AI, natural language processing and hashing.

          Ah yes, wouldn’t have thought to use a specific ratio! That’s cool that they’ve thought this idea through thoroughly and aren’t just capitalizing on blockchain sensationalism.

          Oh, and nice that they didn’t literally clone the CryptoKitties website.

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            Watch the scripts it runs.

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