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I had some “L” logo stickers made up a while back and was going to mail them out to users myself, but I never got around to it. The sticker vendor now has a marketplace thing where you can buy them yourself directly, so I figured I would offer them up here for anyone that wants one or ten. They are a 2" matte sticker.


Note: These do not change colors based on load.

Here is the 2" sticker on an 11" laptop for reference:

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    Note: These do not change colors based on load.

    Please bring back the low quality downvote.

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      I considered screen-printing t-shirts with this ink for the red part. It would look like a blank shirt in normal temperature and the normal logo in sunlight, but nerds don’t go outside so nobody would ever see it change.

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        you could’ve done it the other way; print a red square that is red aside from the L, then colour the L with that ink; then if we ever DID go outside, it’d eventually hide the L and just look like a red square.

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      Does the money here go to you? I’m totally happy to pay, as I greatly appreciate lobsters and will put money towards that, but I’m just curious.

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        They have an option to add a percentage on top of their base price of $2.63 which would go to me, but I chose 0%, so no, I do not get any money from these.

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        Anyone want a smaller one? maybe 1" square?

        @jcs You could make this a simple way to contribute to lobsters running costs. i’d pay $5 or $10 for a sticker if the amount over $2.63 went to you (or whoever runs lobsters, I have no idea)

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          I’ll contact them to see how to get other sizes added.

          As for the costs, I figured if I need to raise money for server funds in the future I would do it as its own thing so that people that want stickers can get them cheaply and those that want to donate can do so separately.

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            They can’t do other sizes that I haven’t ordered a batch of yet, so I guess 2"x2" is all for now.

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          Where did you get that white sticker in the middle?

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            It came with my Palm Pilot.

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            Anyone in the UK interested in a group buy? Their bulk rates are a lot cheaper and if we can find a home for 500 stickers, shipping is free! (otherwise, we can get 25 before shipping goes up by $43…)

            edit: durrrrrrr we can find another sticker printer in this country.

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              Nice. Ordered 5 for the Lobsterers at my office.