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    The authors of the page made it unusable in my case. There was no way to scroll the page down to read the actual article. There’s no scroll bar, so I couldn’t use my mouse (that does not have a scroll wheel), and the keyboard doesn’t work in Firefox or Safari (but does in Chrome). I’m having flashbacks to the late 90s/early 2000s with “This site works best in … “ nonsense.

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      It’s annoying, but you have to put your cursor on the article and not the margin.

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        Totally agree they made a bad choice in implementing this anti-web page. That said, cursor keys do work for me on Firefox.

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        One of the better attempts at explaining what monads are, actually, really, in essence, that I’ve seen, by way of fairly easy-to-understand concepts from abstract algebra (rather than jumping straight into category theory). And I especially enjoyed the historical background.