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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      OK, this is a random one, but I’ve really gotten into Esperanto (the constructed language) over the last 3 years. This weekend there are 3 separate events (in Iran, France, and London) with everything from games to concerts (yeah – Esperanto has it’s own music and music groups, believe it or not). So, I’ll be internet surfing between those, and spending most of the weekend hanging out in a language that was invented 130 years ago by a crazy Polish doctor :)

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      Not looking forward to it, but I’d like to change my music-listening workflow. I’ve been using cmus for years, but its lack of maintenance and hairy code around FLAC are difficult to grapple with even for minor bugfixes.

      I’ve been looking at mpd, how do people like it?

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        I use mpd (with plain mpc as a client) and mpv somewhat interchangeably. FLAC support on both is great, it’s pretty painless to set up.

        Edit: mpd is great for using keybindings in your window manager for play/pause next/prev etc.

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        I like mpd, but I don’t like any of the clients for it. mpc works quite well, but sometimes I just want to lazily browse my collection, and I just haven’t found an enjoyable way to do that in any mpd client.

        It really depends on what you want with it.

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      Got an IRC bouncer installed on my Pi, so I’ll be hanging out in IRC as much as possible this weekend.

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        On what IRC servers are you hanging out?

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          freenode, rizon, and some private servers :)

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        Do you have a stable IP address? Or is there some way to stay connected with a dynamic IP?

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          I have a stable IP, which is just my Pi Hole running 24/7.

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        While at it, you could try soju :)

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          Link points to got.sr.ht; should be git.sr.ht.

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            Thanks! Typing on a phone is hard.

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      I’ll continue doing the Cryptography course on Coursera and maybe try programming the LFSR used in CSS(Content Scramble System) that was used in DVDs in the 90s. I find it very interesting despite it being an insecure cipher. And if I find more time, I want to try GPU passthrough on Linux and see how usable it is out of the box to play games on a Windows VM.

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        I just signed up for that course! Thanks for the tip!

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      I finished re-writing dumb-jump, so I’m continuing my Elisp spree by starting to create my own use-package clone.

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        Love dumb-jump! It’s great for projects I’m a tourist in.

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        What’s made you want to clone use-package, just as a personal challenge or is there anything in particular you don’t like?

        I’ve recently moved my configuration off of use-package, mostly because I thought it was a pretty big black box considering what I used it for. I didn’t write a replacement though, I just have autoloads all through my config now.

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          Partially an experiment in macro-writing, but also because I agree that use-package is too much of a blackbox with too many heuristics. My intention is to have one user-macro (setup), an extension macro (setup-define) and use that to define a few basic keywords. Kind of like the suckless approach to implementing their alternatives, but for Emacs.

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      Playing around with my new void linux install.

      Hopefully writing some Haskell (have to figure out what I want to build).

      Hopefully building a desk (have to buy wood).

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      I’m gonna submit my resume/CV to a bunch of friends in infosec. I’m gonna try to get hbsdmon to a fully deployable state. And give my wife and dog love, affection, and attention.

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      Going to integrate Roam Research data into

      • HPI (Human Programming Interface): that would allow for programmatic access, and make the data access a matter of import my.roamresearch
      • promnesia: that would integrate URLs stored in Roam as a browser extension, so you’d instaltly know if you have posts from a blog or twitter account annotated in Roam

      I’ve already figured out the JSON export script, so the rest will hopefully be straightforward!

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      Continuing to work on a UI for the Synapse torrent client. I’ve watched a talk about design systems and I really liked the layout components it showed, so I reimplemented some of them for building the UI.

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      This week I dove into old BaseWiki code and stood up a wiki via cgi for kicks. Probably mess around with that more over the weekend. It’s a fun place to store quick notes and such. I also have some reading to catch up on.

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      It’s launch weekend for a huge change to $CLIENT’s site.

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      digging into next-gen desktop network transparency, likely crypto bits and key management - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RSvk7mmiSE for current state.

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      Continuing to take care of 11 little chicks, watering our new garden, and building a side web project in Lua Lapis.

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        Are the chicks for eggs or meat …. or pets? What breed are they?

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          They are for eggs….until they don’t give any, then meat or pets. We got 2 of each of these breeds: Buff orphington, Rhode Island Red, golden sax, blue Wyandotte’s, barrel rock and cuckoo Mariana. We have a feeling one of them is a rooster.

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            Nice! We have some Buff orpingtons too, they’re great foragers, and pretty friendly too

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      Working on a markdown wiki in Flask. Something like Dokuwiki (which I’ve been using for years) but with Markdown and a more minimalist UI. I’m okayish with Python but bad at HTML/CSS/JS. Anyone want to help with the UI? (I don’t have a public source repo yet.)

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      Well, during the week I’m not able to go through my to-do list (and it’s quite large), so part of the weekend is going to be spent in completing tasks (mostly server-related), so updating VMs, creating new ones…

      Also, doing some experiments with a project I have in mind :)

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      Trying to implement a POCSAG/DAPNET decoder in GNURadio. Experiencing with radio listening while waiting my HAM radio callsign

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      I will continue to improve memory management within h11 . I realised how little I know about this topic by the number of memory leaks found by using Zig’s testing allocator in my unit tests. That’s something I am not used to by coding Python for a living.

      If you have good resources to share about good practices when managing memory manually, I am very interested :)

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      Continuing work on my Guix/Nixos replacement: https://github.com/andrewchambers/hermes.

      I recently got it’s binary seed both self hosting and reproducible.

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      I’m starting to work on a 2.5D side-scrolling, infinite, destructible-world game engine for a Terraria-like game. I’ve evaluated a variety of different tech stacks. C++ and SDL seems too low-level, so I’ve been looking at MonoGame. Writing C# on Linux is surprisingly painless with Rider (the JetBrains C# IDE) and IdeaVim. Even WinForms works.

      Have any of you worked on a similar project? What tech stack did you use?

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        It isn’t my project, but you might want to take a look at Noita. Gives off the vibe of the dungeon-crawling of Terraria, but with the focus on crazy interactions between independently-simulated pixels. The devlog is mostly filled with gameplay snippets rather than tech stack info, but apparently the GDC talk is pretty enlightening.

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          That’s super cool! Thanks for telling me about it. I would imagine that getting decent performance would be a challenge.