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From https://github.com/DIYgod/RSSHub: RSSHub is an open source, easy to use, and extensible RSS feed aggregator, it’s capable of generating RSS feeds from pretty much everything.

RSSHub delivers millions of contents aggregated from all kinds of sources, our vibrant open source community is ensuring the deliver of RSSHub’s new routes, new features and bug fixes.


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    RSS was a lot on lobsters. This website allows to get RSS from bunch of sources, see debug from the website. For example:

    hot routes:
    4958  /twitter/user/:id/:type?
    2627  /bilibili/user/video/:uid/:disableEmbed?
    2139  /pixiv/user/:id
    1725  /weibo/user/:uid/:displayVideo?
    1460  /telegram/channel/:username
    938  /zhihu/zhuanlan/:id
    786  /youtube/channel/:id/:embed?
    650  /bilibili/user/dynamic/:uid/:disableEmbed?
    412  /ximalaya/album/:id/:all?
    305  /wechat/ershicimi/:id
    216  /xueqiu/user/:id/:type?
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      Not directly related but anyone knows a list of awesome RSS feeds? A bit like the other “awesome” lists.

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        I find myself using RSS rather for the non-awesome feeds. The awesome stuff reaches me via lobsters or other aggregator. RSS is necessary for feeds I care for but which are not mainstream enough to be on an awesome list.

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          This is what I have realized as well. In this way, I have 100s of feeds which I don’t even see in a month. But, when I want to narrow my sources to something specific I am working on, then I could just go back to the mountain of feeds with relevant information.

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            Good idea. Thanks!

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            RSS is probably too personal, but there is this website where people have added their own personal sites.

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              https://github.com/learn-anything/blogs contains lots of blogs who have RSS feeds

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                One good source I recently found on hn is https://reddit.com/r/hnblogs/. You can append .rss to this URL as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/hnblogs.rss

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                  For all the (mostly warranted) excitement around static site generators, this is a bit of a downside: RSS tends to be left out.

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                    Really?! That’s disappointing.

                    I mean, if your SSG is generating a generic site, that’s fine I guess, but in my experience most people want to use them as blogs, and a blog without RSS/Atom is a travesty of the term, in my arrogant opinion.

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                      Not so arrogant, I agree. Or maybe that means we’re both are.

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                        I’m prepared to die on the hill that a blog without syndication is not a blog.

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                          Right beside you, brother. 💪🏾

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                        The default template for Jekyll has an RSS feed, if it’s any help.