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    On the opposite side of a “helmet” or glasses (or someday contact lenses) bringing the display close to your eyeballs so that “your body can do whatever” is the 1080p/4k projector which has gotten affordable the last few years. You can get a pretty huge 3+ meter by near-2 meter projected image far enough away that you can just lie on a bed, sit in a recliner chair/lazyboy, beanbag chair, regular chair, or even stand depending upon what kind of keyboard setup you have. It doesn’t have the outdoorsy aspect of a hammock, of course, and uses more energy than is easily battery-powered at present, but it may work better for some people indoors. Something to keep in mind, anyway.

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      So, why do you require a screen? why not VR? I kind of remember that stream had an application that let you access the terminal on VR. Is that not available?

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        Personally a VR headset while lying down would give me a terrible neck ache - moving the neck while lying down is very hard work compared to being upright.

        Also: do not do this if you can avoid it. Many bodily systems (inc digestion) do not function well while lying down, and your muscles will start to waste within days. Lying down for 16 hours a day will cause you lasting harm within a couple of weeks.

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          ↑ This. Aside from dealing with an injury (like the author), I don’t see why anyone would completely rid their body of physical exercise. Sitting is bad as we all know but there are better ways to deal with that (a convertible sitting/standing desk + a pomodoro timer reminding me to take a break work wonders for me).

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        the belay glasses picture in particular cracked me up.

        nice tips & photos!