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  1. ai Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  1. compsci Other computer science/programming
  1. distributed Distributed systems
  1. formalmethods Formal methods
  1. graphics Graphics programming
  1. networking Networking
  1. osdev Operating system design and development when no specific OS tag exists
  1. plt Programming language theory, types, design
  1. programming Use when every tag or no specific tag applies


  1. culture Technical communities and culture
  1. law Law, patents, and licensing
  1. person Stories about particular persons
  1. philosophy Philosophy


  1. cogsci Cognitive Science
  1. cryptography Cryptography
  1. education Education
  1. finance Finance and economics
  1. hardware Hardware
  1. math Mathematics
  1. science It's "Science"


  1. ask Ask Lobsters
  1. audio Link to audio (podcast, interview)
  1. book Link to a book (not an ad or review)
  1. pdf Link to a PDF document
  1. show Show Lobsters / Projects
  1. slides Slide deck
  1. transcript Includes transcript of audio or video
  1. video Link to a video


  1. art Art
  1. event Events, conferences, and meetups
  1. historical History and retrospectives (not for things that happen to be old)
  1. job Employment/Internship opportunities
  1. news General news and current events
  1. rant Rants and raves
  1. release Software releases and announcements
  1. satire Satire, parody, and other humor


  1. a11y accessibility, assistive technology, standards
  1. design Visual design
  1. visualization Data visualization


  1. apl Array Programming Languages such as APL, J, and K
  1. assembly Assembly programming
  1. c C programming
  1. c++ C++ programming
  1. clojure Clojure programming
  1. css Cascading Style Sheets
  1. d D programming
  1. dotnet C#, F#, .NET programming
  1. elixir Elixir programming
  1. elm Elm programming
  1. erlang Erlang development
  1. fortran Fortran programming
  1. go Golang programming
  1. haskell Haskell programming
  1. java Java programming
  1. javascript Javascript programming
  1. kotlin Kotlin programming
  1. lisp Lisp and Scheme programming
  1. lua Lua programming
  1. ml MetaLanguage, OCaml programming
  1. nodejs Node.js programming
  1. objectivec Objective-C programming
  1. perl Perl programming
  1. php PHP programming
  1. python Python programming
  1. ruby Ruby programming
  1. rust Rust programming
  1. scala Scala programming
  1. swift Swift programming
  1. zig Zig programming


  1. announce Site anouncement
  1. interview Lobsters interviews
  1. meta Lobsters-related bikeshedding - report bugs at


  1. android Android
  1. dragonflybsd DragonFly BSD
  1. freebsd FreeBSD
  1. illumos illumos
  1. ios Apple iOS
  1. linux Linux
  1. mac Apple macOS
  1. netbsd NetBSD
  1. nix package manager, distribution, and related systems like guix
  1. openbsd OpenBSD
  1. unix *nix
  1. windows Windows


  1. browsers Web browsers
  1. email e-mail
  1. games Game design and study
  1. ipv6 IPv6
  1. merkle-trees And related similar data structures. Not business/scam news.
  1. mobile Mobile app/web development
  1. wasm webassembly
  1. web Web development and news


  1. api API development/implementation
  1. debugging Debugging techniques
  1. devops DevOps
  1. performance Performance and optimization
  1. practices Development and team practices
  1. privacy Privacy
  1. reversing Reverse engineering
  1. scaling Scaling and architecture
  1. security Netsec, appsec, and infosec
  1. testing Software testing
  1. virtualization Virtualization


  1. compilers Compiler design
  1. databases Databases (SQL, NoSQL)
  1. emacs Emacs editor
  1. systemd Linux systemd
  1. vcs Git and other version control systems
  1. vim Vim editor