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    I wrote Miniflux 7 years ago for my own needs. Rewritten in Golang in 2017. The project still active and continue to receive contributions. There is always something to improve :)

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      I like this but managing the database myself isn’t ideal. Any reason why an embedded database isn’t used?

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        Miniflux is excellent! No BS, clean and snappy interface.

        I’m using it for my project that automatically searches for certain queires on github/hackernews/twitter/reddit/pinboard and puts the results in atom feeds. Kinda like Google Alerts, but actually useful and consumed through a functional RSS interface. I needed to slightly modify the Miniflux frontend for that (making it even more compact) – and it was pleasantly quick and clear (I had no prior Go experience either).

        Thanks for your work!

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          I was looking for something exactly like this!

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            I have started using it yesterday. Moved away from Innoreader, mainly because I wanted to own the data and not worry about it in future, specifically manage starred articles etc… Miniflux is extremely easy to setup, especially if you’re using docker. I always run Postgres instances anyways, so it integrated well. For people who question db, it’s an advantage having a database like PostgreSQL. And I like that it’s ‘opinionated’ - tech stack and implementation perfectly considered. @0xfg - many many thanks for your work on this.

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              Hey man, I’ve been using Miniflux for years. Thanks for the awesome work! I really got excited when you rewrote it in Go :)

              Eventually I switched to FreshRSS because I can choose a SQLite database there. Together with docker/kubernetes this makes the setup slim and easy. I miss Miniflux’s straightforward user-interface, though.

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              I worked for a hosting company that use OpenStack ( Long story short, it’s used by a lot of companies, I have been to a couple of OpenStack Summit conferences and they are thousands of people there.

              However, it’s not simple, very complex to maintain, hard to troubleshoot, upgrading to a new version is a pain in the ass, the number of projects under the OpenStack foundation could be overwhelming.

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                Good job OT :)

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                  Thanks dude!

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                  I will improve my open source projects because I got a lot of feedback from people:

                  • Kanboard an alternative to Trello or can be use as a kanban board.
                  • Miniflux, a minimalist RSS reader