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    I’d like to watch some movies this weekend and continue watching Squid Game. I might change my network share from DLNA to one that supports metadata in Kodi. Also might go look at some cars, last night my daily driver got a rod knock.

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      I just finished my entry in the Autumn Lisp Game Jam. So this week, other than some Halloween prep, and work, I’m going to be relaxing, relatively speaking. I would like to watch the new ⊃∪∩∈ move that’s come out as well.

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        I just played for a few minutes… very nice!

        Out of curiosity, does the stack you used support playing in browser? When I decide to do a game jam, I find myself heavily biased toward things that let me push an in-browser playable version whenever that makes sense.

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          Not yet. Technically, both Janet and Raylib has successfully been deployed using Emscripten. In practice, they haven’t been combined in that fashion yet, and that was on my list of thing to try to figure out, but ended up being one thing too many.

          I hope to have it figured out for the next game jam, but Janet is My Lisp of Choice, and its small enough that I’ll probably be the one to do that lift (though I would not complain if someone else did it)

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            That sounds like a fun thing to figure out, but not on a jam timeline :)

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              I mean, if it was the only thing I did, maybe?

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          Dune was great, I would highly recommend. I’m a complete noob to everything Dune and I loved it.

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          This week I’m taking an exam (today) for my QA class and will be working as usual. I’m going to do my homework/lectures early in the week like last week so I can once again have the weekend to relax. This past weekend I stayed home and didn’t do much. I did get to watch the new Dune on Friday. I really enjoyed it, I hadn’t even heard of the series beforehand. I’ve got the book on request at my university’s library so hopefully I can get it soon. Also will be doing the gym as usual this week, MTWF getting the gains in. At work we’re finishing up a release so it’s really up in the air between what I’m working on. I didn’t get around to buying a new chair but I might this weekend. I spent a lot of this past weekend inside because it was rainy out and it wasn’t too nice to be out. Weather permitting if I get to go spend more time outside this weekend.

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            I plan on possibly going hiking, and mostly relaxing. This week I tried getting my homework done earlier in the week so I had time throughout the weekend to relax and do nothing. I was able to do just that. I might pick up a new office chair, my current one isn’t very comfortable to use on a daily basis. I’d like to go visit a nearby city I haven’t been to in I think a year. I might also working on a coding gig I have someone asking for. For the most part, I’m gonna take the evenings to relax and kick back.

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              Work, homework, and continuing to work on shell scripts for my desktop. Most of my weekend was blocked out by homework, so the beginning of this week I’m going to knock out school work so I don’t have it overflow into this upcoming weekend like last weekend.

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                Last weekend I worked on my car, replacing my cabin air filter and fixing a rain leak above my driver seat. Following that trend, I’m thinking this week I get all four new tires, write some shell scripts for ideas I had throughout the week, work on homework for school, and play some games.

                And hopefully I find time to do nothing at all.