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    My blog: https://enconn.fr I write some technical stuff or post photos. But it’s not really active

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      • Drawing, But since I work, I don’t have a lot of time to do that. In high school I used to draw like 3h each days. Since 4 weeks, I draw 1h each Monday.
      • Community. I’m a “Free Software Consultant” at work. But even if we do not really have the time to do “social things” at work I’m involved in several spaces/events and love to contribute to other projects/events/debates. Contributing to the counterculture or social events.
      • Discovering the world/photography. Each time I can travel in a new place, I do it.
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        Already posted:

        • Silence
        • Newpipe
        • Tusky
        • Riot


        • Maps based on maps.me, use OSM. It’s pretty good for travelling (offline support too)
        • Ring: for video calls and messages
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            The biggest block I find to uptake of these messengers and call apps that so often come and go is the lack of mobile applications. Until there’s an Android and iOS app, my friends and family won’t use it.

            I don’t like it, but it appears to be the world we’re in now.

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              It seems like it already has an android app? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cx.ring

              Could not find anything for iOS: https://ring.cx/en/download

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                Oooh I didn’t spot that for some reason. I’ll keep an eye out for an iOS app then.

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                  There’s a source code repos, but no release. https://gerrit-ring.savoirfairelinux.com/#/admin/projects/ring-client-ios

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                  Yeah, there is an Android but no iOS app yet.