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    Considerably better than I was expecting. High-level summary: computer vision company founded before the deep learning revolution outperforms neural nets via huge amounts of baked-in domain knowledge.

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      baked-in domain knowledge

      Bravo, sir!

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        Fortunately, not everything is “deep” learning

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        Writing a conference talk that I’m supposed to give next week.

        I, uhhh, procrastinated a bit. :(

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          Good luck :)

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            You’re starting one week ahead? That’s like crazy early! :o)

            (I’m notorious for pulling all nighters to get them ready in time)

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              Don’t we all?

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                It takes a while to make some sick memes with pictures I can 100% say I either own or are totally free for use. ;)

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                  Can confirm I still was finishing up slides and rehearsing an hour before. ;)

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                Taught an online webinar this morning… now trying to wrap up work before heading out on vacation next week