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      Fun to read :) Just a quick question: how much time did this take you? Where did you find the time?

      The CTF didn’t seem to be particularly difficult compared to some other crazy stuff that’s been out there (having to reverse engineer from scratch custom ISAs and whatever), but it really did seem to hit a nice sweet spot for being doable in a reasonable amount of time. +1 as a recruitment application :)

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        How much time? I think I did most of it over the course of a day or two in early December between writing my high school final project. Returned to it a few times to finish parts I was stumped on (looking further for the underflow bug in binexp4, for example). Did the itsadate challenge once that was released (late December) in ~30 minutes. Wrote the post itself between lessons yesterday.

        You’re right, it’s not incredibly difficult - something harder but more constrained would probably have been more interesting to write about, but I still found it pretty fun. If you know of something similar, let me know!

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      I usually just roll my own with GitHub Pages and Jekyll. Find a docs-looking theme and tweak it to your liking.