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    Maybe I’m missing something, but this is an advert for a VPN service. Why?

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      Mainly because it is new and people seem to trust proton mail. In my mind a release from a trusted company is noteworthy.

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        This can’t be that new… I’ve been using ProtonVPN for months now.

        Edit: They graduated out of beta on 20 June 2017 according to this article.

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          Ya it’s been out for a bit

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        You’re not missing something and I’m not really advertising it but ok. The post was simply meant to be informative with regards to a prominent email service offering a VPN service as well.

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        As someone who is just starting to get into a software-related field, I found this very helpful. Especially since, typically people my age tend to let the interviewers drive the interview and fail to ask any question.

        I always knew it was important to ask questions, but I never knew what questions to ask. Thanks!