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    Good article but out of date. On a 2021 Linux system you want to install chrony, not ntpd. And for goodness sake make sure systemd isn’t trying to manage the clock; installing chrony should do that. I also quibble with the article just relying on NTP Pool servers; that’s fine for a few systems but if you’re running a lot of servers in a single datacenter it’s worth setting up a local NTP server hierarchy.

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      I haven’t been to the other parts yet, but I do hope that kind of dependency would be caught in an audit of a dc. At that point you need some more robust method for time source to avoid other issues.

      I’m wondering if the authored covered time and virtualization. That was something of a fret when I was younger and it’s a topic that is very valid today.

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      Fant Model… patch it until it utterly collapses under its own weight. I was not fond of this model, but I feel reality has encroached upon what would be a perfectly good time dreaming about how I will make the next iteration more efficient and better.

      That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t design things to be replaced and have well modeled APIs. Once upon a time I was witness to a complete engine rewrite piecemeal over a staggering period of time. Well, really, the rewrite never ended once the api gateway was silently proxied out by api and other conditionals. That fate also has potential issues as calls zig and zag through the api gateway.

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        What’s the Fant Model? I tried looking it up but couldn’t find anything relevant.