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    What about a bible/book cipher?

    Cheap - cost of a bible and time to set it up

    Charges from x - is “powered” as long as you have a light source

    Can be stored separate from power source (e.g. A safe)

    Lifespan extension - can be photocopied or re-written to a new medium if the old one is degrading

    Physical useability, screen, keyboard and track pad all absent; storage, low capacity; performance, slow

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      Could you elaborate on how this works? Is this where you make a secret compartment in a thicc book?

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        https://manansingh.github.io/Cryptolab-Offline/c7-book-cipher.html - to get an idea

        Book cipher is about recording a code that corresponds to word or letter offsets within a particular book. The amount of offset and book can be easily accessible, but the starting position within the book is the secret.

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      I feel the gains here are related to Japanese culture. Take people that work 60-80 hours per week (12-16 per day), and reduce that to say 48 and people become more productive (Ford’s research?)

      The headline baits the idea of moving from 40 hour week to 32, but would that really see the same productivity gain?