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    Great article! I’m sorry if this is off-topic, but I had some issues with the longer lines of code in the site’s snippets due to lack of horizontal scroll bars or word wrap. Not sure if anyone else had that issue

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      The reason IMO for deleting flamebait comments is to prevent the discussion thread from being hijacked by people responding to the flamebait. Maybe deleted comments should be exposed in the moderation log, since your concern is transparency of moderation, but it makes sense to remove them from public view in the threads where we are trying to discuss the topic.

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        So perhaps disable replies to those comments.

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          If I see a comment I want to reply to but that comment cannot be replied to I will just get angrier and reply to it in the top level using a quote.

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            …and get banned for continuing a flamewar that got the other users banned and caused the thread to be unrepliable in the first place.

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              That sounds like very unhealthy behavior and maybe you need to consider why this is your reaction

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                I was actually commenting on what some people might do but I used ‘I’ in place of ‘some people’.

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            How about we quarantine it so by default it says “USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST. VIEW?” And if you click “yes” it displays the comment.

            It doesn’t immediately display the comment, gives a reason not to engage, and requires an extra click to view. This nudges people who don’t care to keep scrolling.

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              It still doesn’t prevent either search engine scraping, or bad faith screenshotting purporting to show that condones content that’s actually removed.

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                Anyone who cherry-picks like that in order to discredit this community is probably not above doctoring screenshots… This threat model is iffy at best.

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                  Not ever keeping comments that are removed defeats the threat model in its entirety.

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              Just locking the thread would be enough to avoid this.

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                So, why not delete the comment in the thread but save the comment content in the banned user’s profile with the explanation that this got the user banned?

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                  I’m not sure this is an april fools joke. The discussion seems pretty reasonable and it was proposed yesterday, not on april fools day

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                    You just got Punk’d by Ian Lance Taylor! Bummer.

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                      Ian Lance Taylor proposing this seems pretty April Fools-ey, as he’s usually striking down new language change proposals. Also comments from Rob Pike. Though half of the people in the thread seem to be serious, maybe this is some kind of self-aware joke about how boring Go is?

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                      The submitter confirmed that this wasn’t intended as an April Fool’s day joke.

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                      I received a Tiva C Series Launchpad MCU from a friend and am currently running through some exercises to get comfortable working in an embedded environment

                      At work, transitioning back to a project I left a couple weeks ago, so a lot of review of things I still remember from before

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                        disconnected - the graph is made up of sub-graphs or it is bipartite.

                        Just a small correction, but a bipartite graph can be connected. Here’s an example of a bipartite connected graph.

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                          Is that graph connected, though? The red nodes aren’t connected to each other.

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                            edit: That graph is connected because there is a path from every node to every other node. Wolfram alpha does a good job visualizing all the different connected bipartite graphs of size n (for small n’s) at the bottom of the page here.

                            When the path from every node to every other node is a unique edge, then you have a complete graph.

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                              aha! I always mix up ‘connected’ and ‘complete’ :P